Mokelumne River Models  Woodbridge, CA

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Once upon a time . . . . . . . , I got this crazy idea that when it was time to retire, I’d start Mokelumne River Models, get rich, and move to Hawaii. Frankly, I doubt I’ll ever move to Hawaii, but I will create model railroad kits for my customers to enjoy, and for me to stay out of trouble. As a long time modeler, I realized there were buildings “out there”, which I found interesting and thought they should be made into models. I could certainly scratch build them, but then there would be only one of them. So, instead of just one, why not create kits, so anybody could have a model of that particular building, too? I also thought it would be a good idea to create model kits of historic and interesting buildings that no longer exist, or are still around (although, certainly not a unique idea!). Thus, my slogan, “History in a kit” , was created. I look at my kits as a way to preserve these old buildings, especially the ones now long gone.

Mokelumne River Models is a one-person company located in a small town in Northern California. My first kit, Maine Prairie School, is of a little school that was first brought to my attention in the late 1970’s. I tucked it away in my mind as a potential model, and now it is finally a reality. The kit has received good reviews, with even one customer stating “you should receive an academy award for the instructions”! The little schoolhouse was taken down in 1988, but luckily I had earlier photographed it, and armed with a couple of more photos from the Dixon, California Library, enough information was gathered to make a kit possible.

Mokelumne River Models is currently in the midst of creating more kits, with more ideas brewing in the background. Click on the “Coming Soon” tab above, for information on the next kits, including the Gilroy Hot Springs Hotel. This is an exciting 3D printed kit of a Victorian Italianate resort hotel that was quite a place in it’s heyday. The kit design is complete, and a test model has been printed. See “Coming Soon” for more information. A 3D printed model of the Gilroy Old City Hall was released on 12/15/16.  I have several new 3D printed models on the way, including the O scale Finches’ Roost. Take a peek at them in the “Coming Soon” tab.



“History in a kit”