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Mokelumne River Models  Woodbridge, CA

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Nebraska Cabin Kit

at Gilroy Hot Springs, California

A highly detailed HO scale 3D printed model with complete interior

Gilroy Hot Springs Hotel Kit

Gilroy, California

This beautiful Victorian Italianate 3-story hotel was originally built in the 1870’s. The hotel was the dominant structure at the hot springs resort, which also had several cabins, bath houses, a club house, and hot spring gazebo, among other structures. The hotel burned down in 1980, but this model will bring it back to life, albeit, in miniature HO scale form.

The model will come in 2 versions, one with complete interior details, including walls, doors, wash basins, water closets, fireplaces, and stairways. A set of highly detailed HO scale furniture, designed from actual photos of the parlor, and dining room will be available. Detail parts have been designed for a player piano and bench, dining tables, card table, rocking chair, Rococo Victorian bedstead and gentleman’s valet, among many other detail pieces, all based upon actual photos from the hotel! The kitchen extension on the south elevation of the hotel is included, sewer pipes that hung underneath the porch have been modeled, and on and on!! It’s ALL here, everything that could possibly be seen in historic photos have been used to create this ultimate HO scale model!

Another version of the hotel will also be available, a hollow version, without the interior details for those modelers looking for something less expensive. All the exterior details of the model will still be there for the hollow version, just without the interior.

Both versions can made with either the widow’s walk, or cupola, as parts are included for both the complete hotel model, and hollow model. 

1910’s postcard

cupola version

Digital render, not an actual photo

early 1900’s postcard

...EXCITING UPDATE (1/11/2016)...

The 3D design phase was completed late October, 2014, and a test model has been printed (SEE ABOVE).  Next step is to paint and build the kit for photos! Continue (don’t get bored!), to watch for more updates. This model is AWESOME! Tons of detail parts!

A test build and painting of the kitchen extension has been completed, and it looks great. The 2 bathroom extensions on the kitchen’s exterior wall have been outfitted with their HO scale water closets (included with kit). A couple of very minor design changes were discovered while building the kitchen, and are now incorporated into the hotel kit. This kit is crazy with details!!

Nebraska Cabin 3D digital rendering

not an actual photo

Nebraska Cabin 3D digital render, interior, not an actual photo

Nebraska Cabin 3D printed parts, not an actual photo

Nebraska Cabin prototype interior & exterior views

Nebraska Cabin undergoing restoration, SW corner elevation

Prototype interior, east elevation view during restoration work by Tim Lantz and crew

Prototype interior, north elevation view

Prototype interior, west elevation view

HO Scale
HO Scale
Price: TBA


widow’s walk version of model

Wildermuth House, built 1861
Calaveras County, California

actual printed test model with interior!!!!

COMING 2017!

Widow’s Walk version

proposed test to see how faithfully 3D printing can duplicate sandstone blocks


front gate

Wildermuth House


Design work has begun on this interesting and historic building. More details have come to light from additional research, and will be incorporated in this kit. This house was built from sandstone quarried nearby, has a partial basement, and front and back porches.

A digital rendering of the model, not an actual photo

the hotel kitchen

the hotel kitchen

1914 Stanley Mountain Wagon Kit O scale

Photos of actual 3D printed model components painted primer gray

Image courtesy of the Gilroy Historical Museum, Gilroy, California

rear porch

Wildermuth House


front door dated 1861 transom stone

Wildermuth House



Interior Panoramic View of North Wall, Wildermuth House

test version of model, some changes may appear on final kit