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    The tiny school was erected near the cargo schooner landing of Maine Prairie, California in approximately 1862. It was built for the purpose of providing an all-denomination church and school. 

    In its last location, the Maine Prairie School was only a half-mile west of the former electric interurban Oakland, Antioch & Eastern Railway. Also, the ill-fated Sacramento Valley Electric Railroad, (Dixon branch of the OA&E, 1914-1917), was 2.5 miles due west of Maine Prairie School. The OA&E later became the interurban Sacramento Northern Railway, then part of the Western Pacific Railroad Company.

Model as viewed from same orientation

as original building photo to right

Solano County, California

Built in 1862

prototype photo, vintage 1950’s (?)

Maine Prairie School

HO scale laser-cut wood kit

Maine Prairie School, October, 1982

Gael Troughton photo

Maine Prairie School front porch, October, 1982

Model digitally inserted into photo of the school’s original site at the intersection of Maine Prairie Rd. & Robben Rd., Solano Co., California

Maine Prairie School south elevation view, 1982


Maine Prairie School SW elevation view, mid 1980’s, photo used with permission

a former student of the school shown in the window

Penny Scale “weighing machine”

Completed Penny Scale 3D model

Mills Novelty Co. model #179A catalog image

prototype, with different dial face

Penny Scale 3D digital render, Not actual photo.

Penny Scale dial face, as seen on photo of scale at Gilroy Hot Springs Hotel porch.

A dial face decal is provided with kit

Penny Scale model installed at Astoria Depot, on Mat Thompson’s  HO scale Oregon Coast RR, photo used with permission

Penny Scale on Gilroy Hot Springs Hotel porch

Mills Novelty Co. logo

Dial face decal provided with kit, greatly enlarged

Don Ball’s Penny Scale model installed on his Stockton & Copperopolis Railroad, photo used with permission

The hot spring mineral well cistern while undergoing restoration. The cistern, including the below ground portion, is included in the model kit! 

Gazebo dome detail, 2012

Completed Gazebo model in authentic colors

Gazebo Prototype Photo, early 1900’s

Gazebo Prototype Photo, 03/10/2015

with restored cistern cover

Gilroy Hot Springs Gazebo Kit

at Gilroy Hot Springs, California

A detailed HO scale 3D printed model

Very early 1900’s postcard image of the gazebo, patrons partaking of the waters with a long handled ladle

1913 Stanley Mountain Wagon

as used by the Gilroy Hot Springs Stage Co. for Gilroy Hot Springs, California

A detailed HO scale 3D printed model composed of UV cured acrylic

Photo Courtesy of McDonald-Lundblade families

Completed HO scale model of 1913 Stanley Mountain Wagon, painted in red prototype colors

Stanley Mountain Wagon 3D digital render, not a photo

A 1913 Stanley Mountain Wagon at the National Automobile Museum, Reno, Nevada (panoramic photo)

1913 Stanley Mountain Wagon 3D printed model, HO scale


1913 Stanley Mountain Wagon by noted modeler Jim Vail, owner of the South Pacific Coast RR, photo used with permission

1916 Stanley Express Wagon Kit

A detailed HO scale 3D printed model using extreme detail acrylic

A rare Stanley prototype

From a pamphlet, “ANNOUNCEMENT FOR THE SEASON OF 1916”

Stanley Motor Carriage Company

Newton, Massachusetts

Completed model painted in prototype color

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Gilroy Old City Hall HO scale kit,

3D printed, $869.00

This model kit is now READY! Introduced on December 15, 2016, we are ready to receive your order for this incredible kit! The design of the prototype building is unique, and some experts refer to the architecture as Flemish Baroque. Thanks to a good friend, Phill Laursen, the Gilroy Historical Museum, and the City of Gilroy, we had access to the original blueprints for both the original 1905 construction date, and 1990’s renovation. Matched original colors were used to paint this masterpiece, and it has many unique details. The detail parts such as corbels, downspouts, and arched wrought iron decorative double doors are beautifully rendered by 3D printing technology, in an extreme detail material. The main structure of the model building is 3D printed as a single piece. The kit could be modeled as a fire station, or even a unique train station. The prototype building is now a popular restaurant, located in Gilroy, California.

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Vintage postcard views of the Gilroy City Hall

The cornerstone

Brick North wall, a printed paper applied onto 3D printed plastic wall

Brick West wall, a printed paper applied onto 3D printed plastic wall

detailed corbels, underside of bay window

model being painted

Gilroy Old City Hall kit

Prototype located in Gilroy, California

A detailed HO scale 3D printed CRAFTSMAN kit

2 bell electric ringer as modeled for the Maine Prairie School

Image Gallery

West elevation view


Wildermuth House, built 1861
Calaveras County, California

rear porch, 09/25/2014

West elevation

  This house was built by William Watt, a Scottish stone mason, for John Hanna Wildermuth and family in 1861 from tuffaceous sandstone quarried nearby. The building has a basement, upstairs sleeping area (not modeled), front and back porches, and a cistern out front.  The model is very detailed using historic photos, and each stone block is faithfully reproduced in 3D.

rear porch

Wildermuth House


front door transom stone


Wildermuth House


Interior Panoramic View of North Wall, Wildermuth House, 09/25/2014

typical quarried stone blocks with adze & saw tool marks,


view of SW elevation, house front

Wildermuth House, east elevation, as rebuilt by EBMUD

typical 6/6 dbl. hung window


east elevation as rebuilt by EBMUD with odd looking small windows

east elevation small windows as modeled for kit

there is historic precedent for gable fanlight windows

view from above with West elevation shown

view of NE corner and rear porch

view of SE corner and front porch

(diorama base not included)

(diorama base not included)

(diorama base not included)

view of SW elevation and rear porch

(diorama base not included)

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Front door transom, owner’s date stone